What if, after delivery, in spite of all precautions, a problem is discovered with the tool? What then?
Anyone who has done business in China, or heard the experiences of others who have, knows that it is risky - more risky than the normal course of business in a familiar environment. This additional risk of doing business with Chinese suppliers must therefore be one of the main reasons why many US molders hesitate or even refuse to look into the potential benefits of purchasing molds from China. In view of the China risk, a cautious buyer may turn away from the substantial cost saving of Chinese tooling, but consequently he risks making his company's quotations non-competitive.

However, it is AQA's responsibility, as the intermediary between the Chinese source and the US buyer, to under-take 100% of the China risk.

If something goes wrong in China, which is always a possibility, it means there must have been loopholes in the AQA-Tooling systems and procedures for China, or that AQA-Tooling was not sufficiently vigilant in following them. For these short- comings, AQA-Tooling has to pay. Of course, we speak here of controllable events, and exclude acts of God, civil insurrection and similar occurrences.

Shipping risks are covered by comprehensive marine cargo insurance, and the premium for this is included in AQA-Tooling's quoted mold price.

Regarding the mold’s manufacture and performance, we guarantee that the mold will be according to the agreed specifications, with a service life equal to or better than industry standards.

Regarding the special risks due to sourcing from China, we protect the buyer from the following events:

  • unreasonable delays, due to events over which AQA-Tooling has control
  • fake documents,
  • incorrect heat-treatment,
  • the seller absconding with pre-payments,
  • mold builder keeps the mold ( and uses it for his own production).

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