Quality Control is paramount, and is applied in many ways throughout the sourcing process.  Examples include the following:

  • Designs, reports and procedures are checked for consistency with the mold specifications and mold standards.
  • Inspection reports are checked to confirm that data is recorded as measured.
  • Sample selection for the audit is observed to ensure the selection process is random.
  • Mold leakage check is observed to confirm that it is done at the pressure levels specified.
  • Final check of the mold before it is crated is carried out with the help of a comprehensive tool-specific checklist.
  • Particular attention is paid to possible breaches of discipline, such as unauthorized welding or using the spotting press to swage down the parting line faces.

Heat treatment must be closely monitored.  Whereas the toolshop may prefer a low-cost facility where the equipment and metallurgical training are inferior, we insist on facilities controlled by the German or Swedish steel importer. 

Translation is an important part of AQA-Tooling’s role as the East / West information conduit.  Communications from the customer, for example, are invariably transcribed into bi-lingual documents.

Regarding the drawings, the 2D and 3D files are continuously updated to reflect all design changes approved by the customer, so the drawing package included in the deliverables shows the "as-built" tool.

Project status reports are compiled by the AQA-Tooling project team.  Progress at the toolshop is monitored in detail by the assigned AQA-Tooling engineer and reported to the customer by means of an e-mailed Gantt Chart and Event Log Sheet every week, or more frequently if required.  For large files containing many photographs, we find the most effective method of transmission is by means of a shared Dropbox folder, paid for by AQA-Tooling.

Shipping crate design and build are also controlled by AQA-Tooling standards. Having seen the condition of many crates as delivered, we know what works and what does not. In preparation for trans-ocean shipping, a corrosion inhibitor such as D-M-E Mold Saver is applied, and the mold together with a kit of spare parts is crated.

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