In making the decision to go off-shore for tooling; the primary concern is for quality, meaning both the quality of the toolshop and the quality of the tool. Will the new, unknown toolshop understand and respond to our requirements ? Will they use the specified steels and work to our standards ? Do they have access to the component sources we have been using ?  Will they keep us informed of the tool-build status, agree to last- minute changes, and ship on time ?  Can we trust what they tell us ?
It is the responsibility of AQA-Tooling Corp. to be the buyer's eyes and ears at the Chinese toolshop throughout the tool-build, and to make sure all these concerns, and more, are addressed. We do it by having qualified, experienced staff, all Chinese nationals, following the project in detail, and checking the progress at the toolshop at least weekly, and more frequently when necessary.

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