Optimal Application of Buyer’s Time
The buyer’s involvement in the mold-build must balance the buyer’s concern regarding whether the project in China is staying on-track versus the many other demands on the buyer’s time and attention.  No hard and fast rules can assure the right balance in every case.  We have found, based on the experience of many tooling projects for many buyers, that

  • a basic project structure with a few planned points where the buyer’s decision is necessary in order to continue, and
  • a policy of supplying maximum and timely  information

result in a satisfactory balance in most cases.

Adjustments will sometimes be necessary.  For example, during the first mold-build for a new customer, AQA-Tooling will have more questions than usual concerning the customer’s procedures and preferences.  In subsequent tooling projects for the same customer, the volume of communication throughout the project duration will probably be less.

Required Buyer Intervention
At certain key milestones in the project’s progress, the buyer is asked to approve continuation.

  • After the buyer releases the purchase order, the first milestone is AQA-Tooling’s submission of the proposed mold design, usually in multi-view 2D format and the 3D math model.  The buyer has the opportunity to request changes.  Otherwise he is required to accept the design and approve continuation of the project.  Only after design approval do we proceed to order materials and components for the mold build.

  • After each mold sampling, the buyer and / or his engineering representative will receive by express service the number of samples he requests, plus the Initial Sample Inspection Report and the project status report which will detail the molding conditions and press parameters applicable to the sampling run.  Based on the ISIR and the quality of the samples, the buyer can order changes to the mold and / or the molding conditions followed by another sampling try-out, or he can accept the samples.

  • The contract may specify certain additional demonstrations of the mold’s performance, to be run in China, such as the following:
    ·      shooting a video in .wmv format for 2 or 3 cycles to shows the mold runs automatically with complete ejection on each cycle,
    ·      running a “Zero C” audit to check the part dimensional compliance,
    ·      a Run-at-Rate test to your specifications, confirming the mold is ready to run when it is unpacked at the buyer’s location.
    If not satisfied with any of these mold performance demonstrations, the buyer may request corrective action be taken, and the demonstration repeated.
    When the buyer is satisfied, he will order the mold to be shipped from China to the contract delivery point.


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