AQA-Tooling Corporation is a Michigan-based corporation with 20 years of experience sourcing products in East Asia.  Our expertise is in project management, purchasing, manufacturing, quality control and import logistics.  We specialize in injection molds and injection molded parts.  Our US + Chinese organization are at your service, to source and deliver product, according to specification and schedule, to your North American facility, with

  • our guaranteed Quality Assurance, and
  • the benefits of the low costs available in China.
Our mold-building responsibilities are to

  • get competitive quotes from qualified suppliers,
  • design the mold,
  • confirm quality and authenticity of steel used,
  • manage the tool-build,
  • report regularly on the project status,
  • manage the tool try-outs and inspections,
  • submit samples and reports,
  • take care of the shipping,
  • save you the time and expense of going to China,
  • undertake all the risks of doing business in China.

Companies with annual purchasing volume of Chinese product greater than, say, $7 million find it cost-effective to run a purchasing office over there, managed full-time by an expatriate.  For lower purchasing volume, AQA-Tooling Corporation, with boots-on-the-ground, is your Chinese purchasing office, on-call when you need it.  Our role, is to do all the things you would consider necessary to do if only you had the time to be in China to do them. 

We have a risk minimization policy.  Accordingly

  • we carefully select the toolshop based primarily on previous performance

  • we have our own employees on-site to monitor and document each step in the tool-build, the try-outs, sampling and inspections

  • we incentivize good supplier performance with new orders.

AQA-Tooling Corporation is a sourcing and supply chain management company.  We specialize in injection molds and injection molded parts from the Peoples Republic of China.

The Request for Quote
The process starts with your RFQ, which could include

  • Your mold specifications

  • Your drawings of the part to be molded

  • Your mold standards.

Alternatively, we could start with a couple of samples of the part to be molded, from which AQA-Tooling would produce the part drawings, and then confirm them by using the drawings to produce 3D-printed or CNC-machined prototypes for fit and function checks.

Also, if you prefer, we offer the AQA-Tooling mold standards to be used as the basis for quoting and mold-build.

The Request for Quote page on this web-site gives a brief check list of the main items to include in the mold specifications.

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